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Also known as: Hapkido, hapki-Do
"The Way of Coordinating Energy"—or—"The Way of Coordinated Power"—or—"The Way of Harmony"

hapkido hap-ki-do

On the "hard-soft" scale of martial arts, Hap Ki Do stands somewhere in the middle, employing "soft" techniques similar to Ju Jutsu and aikido as well as "hard" techniques reminiscent of Tae Kwon Do and tang soo do.

Even the "hard" techniques, though, emphasize circular rather than linear movements.

Hap Ki Do is an eccentric, hybrid martial art, different Hap Ki Do schools emphasize different techniques.

Some core techniques, though, are found in each school (kwan), and all techniques should follow the three principles of Hap Ki Do:

• Non-resistance ("Hwa", 화 or 和) → (화 Hwa 和 Harmony)

• Circle principle ("Won", 원 or 圓) → (원 Weon 圓 Circle)

• The Water/Flexible principle ("Yu", 유 or 柳) → (유 Yu 流 Flow)

Hap Ki Do is a traditional defensive Korean Martial Art. It focuses on principles of redirecting and controlling energy and using your opponent's own momentum against them. Hap Ki Do entails the use of joint locks, throws, kicks, strikes and transitional flow with devastating results.

For more information or to reserve your place in the Tiger Martial Arts Hap Ki Do class, in Chesterton, Indiana, call us today at 219-921-1171.